CrystalPM Word Templates

Note: The Word templates shown here are only available for the CrystalPM Template

Click the Arrow in the upper right hand of each document to download it.

Double click in the header to adjust the practice or doctor section

In Crystal, go to Admin->MSWord and add each document in

See Printing Patient Records for more information on how to export an exam to your templates.


Exam Summary V1

-Exam Summary.docx

Exam Summary V2

-Exam Summary 2.docx

Exam Summary V2

-Exam Summary Split.docx

Exam Summary V4

-Initial Report.docx

Exam Summary V5

-Referral Letter.docx


-Referral Summary.docx

Referral Summary

-Cataract Referral Request.docx

Cataract Referral

-Diabetes Eye Consultation Report.docx

Diabetes Report

-Glaucoma Report.docx

Glaucoma Report

-Interpretation Report.docx

Interpretation and Testing Report

-PO Report.docx

Post-Op Report

-Previous Glasses.docx

Previous glasses worn

-CL Trials.docx

CL Trials