In this section you will find documentation and videos related on how to do things in the billing/invoice section of CrystalPM

Claims/CMS Forms

Adding the NDC to Claims.pdf
CLIA Lab ID.pdf
CMS Margins.pdf
Corrected Claims.pdf
Secondary Claims.pdf

Claim Admin Setup

Adding Referring Providers.pdf
Setup for Billing ANSI.pdf

Payment Transactions

835 import.pdf
Applying Finance Charges.pdf
Eyemed Payment Posting.pdf
Insurance Takeback.pdf
Insurance to Insurance Transfer.pdf
Patient to Insurance or Insurance to Patient transfers.pdf

Billing & Payment Integrations

Trizetto Account Information.pdf
Trizetto Integration 2022.pdf
VSP Integration Information.pdf
Worldpay Hosted Payments Integration Guide.pdf
Worldpay Integration Setup.pdf

Basic & Advanced Billing Guides

Advanced Bill Training Guide.pdf
Bill Codes Explained.pdf

Good Faith Estimates

Good Faith Estimates.pdf

Bill Codes Explained