New Features

In this section you will find documentation and videos related to new features that have been added to the CrystalPM software and what versions they are available

Version 6.2.18

Added a "Cut" option in the right click menu for appointments, allows you to cut/paste instead of just copy/paste

Added a new option to not prompt you to remove a patient from the waitlist when creating an appointment for them  

The Alert Comments will now resize to fit the space instead of running off of the side of the screen

Added a new Search For Guarantor button to the Billing Address section to allow you to select a different patient's address  

Version 6.2.17

Version 6.2.16

Added a new employee option that allows you to hide patient contact information for specific employees

Version 6.2.9

Added column Account ID to the Invoice Report

Version 6.2.7 / 6.2.8

(NOTE: you can only use one transaction type for the entire list of items. Ex: you cannot select 5 items and try to Restock 3 and Remove 2)

Version 6.2.3 / 6.2.5

Version 6.2.2

Username and Password Log In.pdf

Added a new CL integration with Arrellio. Uses the ABB catalog but sends the order through them if enabled