In this section you will find documentation and videos related to optical and ordering within CrystalPM

Contact Lens Ordering Integrations

Contact lens Integration - Updated.pdf

This document will go over our integration for contact lens ordering. We currently integrate with:

The integration process and ordering for each company is the exact same around the board.

DVI (Rx Wizard) Setup & Use

DVI RX Wizard Setup.pdf

Frames Page Defaults & Spectacle Order Setup

Optical Setup Guide - Updated 2022.pdf

Frame Order Packages

How to use the Packages Option in Frame Page Defaults - Updated.pdf

Optivision Labs Setup & Use

Optivision Labs Integration Guide.pdf

Solidar Labs Setup & Use

Solidar Intregration.pdf

VisiOffice Setup & Use

VisiOffice integration.pdf

VisionWeb Setup & Use

VisionWeb Integration - Updated 2021.pdf