In this section you will find documentation and videos related to the Admin Page within CrystalPM

Admin > Billing

Bill Codes Explained - Updated 2021.pdf

Admin > Company Tab Explained

Admin_Company Explained.pdf
How To Set Up Top & Bottom Title Bar.pdf

Admin > Computers Tab Explained

Admin_Computers Explained.pdf

Creating & Editing Diagnosis Codes

Creating & Editing Diagnosis Codes.pdf

Credit Card Integrations

Worldpay Integration Guide.pdf

Emailing Through Crystal

Setup and Use of Email in CrystalPM.pdf
Setting up Gmail for Email Non-Direct.pdf
How to Send Mass Emails.pdf

Employee Signatures

Adding a Doctors Signature.pdf

FTC Contact Lens Rule

FTC Contact Lens Rule.pdf

Eprescribe/Electronic Rx Submission

Please note that when it comes to creating accounts within Allscripts, the main provider should be the only account that is being creating through the Allscripts registration form. Once the main providers account has been created you are able to add other provider & staff accounts under their account. If everyone creates their own stand alone account, we will not be able to link those accounts together.

Creating Allscripts Accounts.pdf
Use of Allscripts in CrystalPM.pdf

Admin > Tasks Tab Explained

Admin_Tasks Tab Explained.pdf