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How To Update CrystalPM

If you need to update your Crystal PM software but are unsure how to or if the is a new version available, please follow the steps below. 

Ran Updates But A Computer Is Still Showing An Older Version

If you ran updates for CrystalPM but one or more computers are still showing they are on an older version please follow the steps below

My Scan Button Is Missing

If you run into a situation where your "Add Scanned Files" button or the "Scanner" buttons are no longer visible, please follow the steps below.

CrystalPM Is Running Slow

If you have noticed that your CrystalPM software is running slower than usual, please follow the steps below. 

System Requirements

If you have questions on what specs are needed for either a workstation or server computer, please look over the document. This will go over the minimum and recommended specs for overall best performance when running the CrystalPM software.

System Requirements.pdf

How To Install CrystalPM Onto A Workstation 


If you need assistance with installing CrystalPM onto a new workstation and you are using the local server version of CrystalPM, please follow the guide. If you are using the cloud version of CrystalPM, please contact support.

Client Install How To.pdf