Records Editing Resources

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Basics of Editing

Please watch this quick video before you start to edit.

1. How to backup the template & Load it

2. How to enter edit mode

3. What are the numbers in all of the fields?

4. What is the edit records window?

5. How to jump to fields - what are the negative fields?

6. How to get the field ID for the buttons? How to go back to the normal editing mode.

7. How to do a quick save

8. How to do a Save or exit without saving changes

9. I made edits, but I don't see the changes!

Editing F9 Dropdowns.pdf
Common Field Types.pdf

Copy and pasting fields

There are two ways to paste fields after you copy them:

  1. Paste fields – fields will be linked from one tab to the other. They will share the same FID so are essentially the same field.

No additional reprogramming for buttons will be required (as long as the original fields/buttons are in good working order)

  1. Paste fields (create new) – create brand new, independent fields from the ones you are copying. This is the best option if you need new fields, but don't want to re-create the wheel.

Keep in mind that any buttons you paste will need to be reprogrammed as they will be pointed to the original fields.

It’s important to choose the right option otherwise it could break linking, buttons may need to be reprogrammed, new fields won’t import into letters etc.

In this video, I create a new tab from scratch start to finish.